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I am a wedding photographer since 2010. Member of international wedding associations: Fearless, ISPWP, WeddingWire, MyWed and others. I have a higher art education. Fineart, Fashion and Classic styles I work in. The style in which your wedding will be filmed and processed depends on the concept of the wedding. You don’t need to “pose” on my shoot. Always see you in the best light and perspective.
I think that wedding photography is a true art and I want to make a small contribution to its development with my work. Hope you will enjoy my wedding portfolio  

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Text me, I will orient the cost of shooting exactly your wedding, I will offer several options. Also, if I am already busy, or you have a different budget, I can recommend colleagues, or my students, there are some very talented ones among them


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I process all photos

I do not draw fogs, sunsets, a flying veil on my photos … I am for natural processing. Within a week after the wedding, you will receive all the processed photos. So you do not have to languish in anticipation of artistically processed photos for 2-3 months. P.S. And a little later (in about a month), I will send you another selection of photos with magazine retouching.

Thousands of shots for hundreds of the best

For 10 hours of the wedding day, on my flash drives comes out 10,000 photos. I shoot a lot, then only select the best shots.

No “Posing”

Most likely you do not like and do not know how to pose. But believe me, this is not necessary, the secret of a successful photo in the naturalness of the moment. Even a staged photo session takes place in the process of our communication. I never keep quiet and always tell what to do.

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As a Wedding Photographer, I make premium quality photo books! Such books will not fade and will not be unstuck after many years. You can choose the type of paper and its texture, cover, fly-leaf, tracing paper, title page, soft leather, or textured fabric, thin magazine sheets, or thick cardboard with a mat. At our meeting, you can see various examples of photo books.



 Q&A Wedding photographer

Where do you live and work?

Originally I am from Russia, Moscow. But I travel a lot and shoot weddings in the whole World. Most in Europe. I love work in a new place, this is very inspiring!

If I’m not a model, do you help how to get up, what to do?

The pictures that you see on my site are photographs of ordinary people, not models, and all, when they first meet, say one phrase – “We are not photogenic”. Do not worry about posing, it is my task to make beautiful photos for you

How many photos go for the wedding?

A total of several thousand photographs are taken during the wedding. About 70% of the shots go to the recycle bin, duplicate series, unsuccessful frames, technical defects and etc … As a result, on average, the figure is 50 photos per hour. Accordingly, for a 10-hour shooting, after selection, about 500 photos are released. But, as a rule, much more. However, I hope you understand the main quality, not quantity. A wedding photographer is first and foremost a person. After all, click on thousands of photos, a lot of minds is not necessary.

When will the photos be ready?

Depends on the season and my workload. Sometimes it is only a week, and the maximum period specified in the contract is 3 months. But it is only at the height of the season, August, September. I always try to please my beloved clients as early as possible, but in any case, You don’t have to wait for half a year

How many photos are processed?

Everything! In the section “Wedding Series” you can see how the photos will look in the end. All shots are processed in the same style and color. Although I have an art education, I take a real photo, do not create collages in photoshop and do not draw anything. In my treatment, the main thing is light, color, and your emotions.

Is expensive wedding photographer better than the budget?

The cost of my services is 100% consistent with the quality! My experience of shooting weddings since 2010, I very carefully approach the processing of photos and spend on each wedding TENS hours in Photoshop. In this case, my processing is not conspicuous, but your photos will not have a thick neck, hands, or strange unsuccessful angles. I am a perfectionist. If I had not paid so much attention to the processing and selection of material, the cost could have been almost 2-3 times lower, but this would greatly reduce the aesthetic side of the photo.  Experience, professionalism and unique look – the main things from which the price of services of the photographer is formed. I really come to each wedding individually, not chasing the amount. A photographer shooting cheap and much will definitely not show the individuality of your wedding. I recommend reading my article “How to choose a wedding photographer” However, if you have a limited budget and you are already desperate to find a photographer. Anyway, write to me, I can advise someone from my students, or more budget colleagues, whose integrity and responsibility is sure.

Why do you need an assistant?

The main task of the assistant is to help me with the equipment, light, reflectors … In addition, the assistant also acts as a second wedding photographer when I do not need his help. For example, at the time of registration, in a restaurant, etc. But an extra pair of eyes certainly does not hurt, this is an additional perspective and footage from your day, because these moments will not be repeated again