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A little bit more about me
There’s probably no such thing that can describe a photographer better than his own works, so have you have already seen mine? Then let me tell a few words about myself 🙂
I studied to be an artist, but I was born to be a photographer. I like to watch people, their mood, emotions, to catch hardly noticeable microexpressions of human faces and rare, sensual moments.
I have started my way to the photography with making portraits, and after that, I wanted to shoot a wedding. It was by far (oh, how time flies) 2010. I just persuaded the bride to hire me as the photographer. I wrote her every day, I called, I showed photos of the famous wedding photographers and tried to convince her that I will be able to take some really tremendous pictures of her. As a result, she gave up and agreed. I shot the wedding, and then it took me a whole week to process the pictures, I mean every day all day long I worked in the Photoshop, and when I was giving her ready photos, she started to cry. Sure I was frightened and didn’t know what to do, but thank God, it lasted only a couple of seconds though it seemed forever to me. Yes. Yes, those were tears of joy and in the very next second, I already listened to the pleasant words of gratitude. At that moment I realized that I want to be a wedding photographer. To see emotions when people receive their pictures, to read their grateful responses – it’s just priceless. It gives incredible charge of energy and motivation! And it was my choice how to leave a trace behind in this world. I seek to take such pictures so that they have lived for many generations and perhaps, have taught new generations something good, or just caused pleasant emotions when people look at them, many years later, when Elon Musk’s statue will already be standing on the central street on the planet Mars. Yes, I am such an incorrigible romantic!
After the first wedding I worked with, for some time I’ve been shooting few more weddings, and then I got this desire to share my knowledge with people, especially when people started asking me questions like “How did you shoot it”, and “What kind of lens did you use”, etc. So I’ve opened my own photography school, where I could teach people to this art, and a little bit later I’ve opened a studio. Of course, it started to take a lot of time, and I’ve realized that I can’t constantly explain to people the same thing over and over again, just as I can’t stay put in the studio all the time. So I had to sell the studio, close the school and finally could fully devote myself to active wedding photography. So it has been few years since I take pictures in different countries. Every year I feel that I’m becoming stronger and stronger as the professional and it makes me absolutely happy. I’m sure that this way of life will never bore me. New people, new places, new pictures, new achievements!
In photography.
I prefer natural style so that it would be less artificial, but more artistic. My style of shooting is classic, I think that the main thing is to catch and reflect the identity of each person, its internal beauty. And if we speak about reportage photography, in this case, I guess the most important thing is to catch the moment. Every shot has to tell its own story which can be then read by the audience. You know, is such saying among reportage photographers:
If a picture shows us “John rides a horse”, then it’s just an ordinary picture.
If a picture says “John rides a horse, keeping doggie on a leash”, then it’s a good picture.
If a picture says “John rides a horse, keeping doggie on a leash, while his mother was cleaning a window”, then it’s an excellent picture.
So, observation is a very powerful weapon of a good photographer!
In photography, your best shot will always be in the future, and this is the reason why I will be a photographer all my life